Lusso - Storage

CCCM was born for those who yearn for extraordinary machines and the inherent character within.  It is a celebration of all that comes to life beneath that skin of enamel and steel; the backstory, and the insight discovered through a relentless pursuit for knowledge.  We applaud each car’s unique persona, one that is further enhanced by individual ownership — and shared among those with an uncommon bond.

Why Store Your Vehicle At CCCM?

Are you a collector running out of space?  Snowbird who needs to store your vehicles while up North?  Whether you need long-term or short-term storage, Lusso Fine Motorcars provides a secure, climate-controlled storage solution for your vehicles in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • 1st month is ½ Off
  • Climate-controlled highline indoor showroom & storage vault
  • Lusso Fine Motorcars staff will keep your cars clean and will perform monthly “Storage Maintenance”

Orange Package – $400 Per Month

  • Vehicles wiped down as needed to stay clean & dust-free
  • Batteries on trickle chargers
  • Oil drip pans as needed
  • Inflating tires as needed
  • Moving the vehicle to ensure no flat spotting of your tires occur
  • Unlimited access to your vehicles during regular business hours.  Accessing your vehicles after-hours may be arranged.
  • Additional detail packages available upon request


  • Driver's License for each owner listed on the title
  • Copy of insurance policy showing Full Coverage at all times
  • Vehicle’s VIN must be present & easily readable on the vehicle and must match the VIN on the title
  • We also ask that your car be relatively clean, complete, and in solid working order before we store it.  If needed, we offer several detailing options to make the vehicles ready for storage